Lee Towser is famous boy of football. This guy is a stunning sight with his blonde hair, bright eyes and a muscular body. The audience may look up to him as an intimidating star sportsman of top brands, but in the Club boardroom this guy is only so much meat to be examined and considered fo r his worth. With millions of pounds at stake in his contract negotiations the man knows enough to do what he's told by this committee and the new CMNM club owner. The group of rich, powerful guys are intoxicated by this famous player and take advantage of him in every way.
CMNM Gallery - Boxer guys must live a life of strict discipline in order to become great fighters. Any wavering from the prescribed regime of exercise can lead to failure. In the masculine-heavy box club rec room the managers consider whether guy Nick is fit enough for the big upcoming fight. While puffing away on their cigarettes, the clothed dominant guys assess if this sportsman is up to scratch stripping him completely naked, inspecting his arsehole and relieving his heavy balls.
Rugby is not only a game of muscle and skill. It's also psychological and even sex warfare. The lads on the rugby pitch was trying to psyche each other out by reverting to sexually invasive tactics - cupping each other's balls and sliding fingers up each other's arseholes in the middle of play. It comes down to the team leader and referee to sort out what happened. These wild and untamed sportsmen need clothed confident guys to get their uniforms off and examine exactly what is going on to maintain good sportsmanship.
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